• 22nd Parents Day 2072
  • 10th PEF Felicitation 2074

Message From Principal

Dear Guardians/Parents and  well-wishers; 
Mahan Siddhartha High School was established in 1993 with a motto of PEACE, CREATION and  WISDOM. As we know, the whole world is developing rapidly into complexity and  every aspect is based on competition, we are here for observing the real needs of this changing wo

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Who we are

MAHAN SIDDHARTHA HIGH SCHOOL is still updating itself with the valuable slogan of “PEACE, CREATION and WISDOM” which is the motto of MAHAN SIDDHARTHA HIGH SCHOOL (A Co-Educational English Medium School).

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A Montessori Based Kids

MAHAN SIDDHARTHA "KIDZ"(A Montessori Based Kids' Hospitality and Day Care Home) 
Highlights through Pictures.

  1.  Pictures with Kids in an attractive/funny environment. 
  2.  Slogan (An appropriate place to GROOM your dynamic child)
  3.  A main Picture with Designing in the front page. 
  4.  A Montessori Based Kids Hospitality and Day Care Home.
  5.  "Play, Learn and Grow together".

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School Facilities

Mahan Siddhartha High School is creating an outstanding learning environment in nominal fee. We have been trying to satisfy our guardians since its starting. Still we are trying to provide the students a complete and preferable environment by adding sufficient features. Some important features are described below:

  •  It is a residential school with day scholars. We provide HOSTEL, Day Hostel for those parents who are far away or busy with their work. We make our students feel hostel as their house and the teachers as their supportive guardians.
  •  We have a PRACTICAL SCIENCE LAB with enough materials especially for more than a high school purpose.

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