A Montessori Based Kids

MAHAN SIDDHARTHA "KIDZ"(A Montessori Based Kids' Hospitality and Day Care Home) 
Highlights through Pictures.

  1.  Pictures with Kids in an attractive/funny environment. 
  2.  Slogan (An appropriate place to GROOM your dynamic child)
  3.  A main Picture with Designing in the front page. 
  4.  A Montessori Based Kids Hospitality and Day Care Home.
  5.  "Play, Learn and Grow together".

About Us:
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"(A Montessori Based Kids Hospitality and  Day Care Home)" 
In these days, many parents are busy with their social and economical activities, which has made their family life complex. Because of the parents busy schedule proper care and rare of children are missing even though the parents want to provide each and everything to their child. In this scenario, many parents are looking for a suitable child caring home where the children can remain happy with proper care, hygienic and kids friendly environment. These desires of many parents are going to be fulfilled by "Mahan Siddhartha Kidz Home" which is newly established at Uma-Maheshwor Marga, Kumarigal, Chabahil, Ktm-7. Based on "Caring mostly of Early Childhood Children". It is a place where children are able to practice for their foundation in a natural way.
    We have designed such kids home where children's proper growth and development are highly evaluated and maintained. Professional caregiver will care the children in a systematic and appropriate environment as well as infrastructure where the children enjoy a lot with the concept of "Play-Learn-Grow-Together"
For More Details fill free to meet or contact us:
9840050369, 9851041122
Mahan Siddhartha kidz home
(Near Mahan Siddhartha High School)

Service Type:
Caregiving, Bathing, Oil Massaging, Nutritious food stuffs, Dance and  Music, Crafts Activities, Regular medical check-up, Mineral water, Swimming, funny playing tools, Toys and  materials, In door and outdoor activities, Audio visual facilities etc.
Nature of Contract:
6 Months to 3 yrs.
Day Care (9:00 am to 4:00pm)
Half Day care (during morning OR evening
Flexi-care (Occasionally)
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