Who we are

MAHAN SIDDHARTHA HIGH SCHOOL is still updating itself with the valuable slogan of “PEACE, CREATION and WISDOM” which is the motto of MAHAN SIDDHARTHA HIGH SCHOOL (A Co-Educational English Medium School). The school has its name after the holy saint Siddhartha Gautam who himself is regarded as the symbol of peace and wisdom. The combination of peace and wisdom enhances creativity in a human being that may conceive the power to change the world. Mahan Siddhartha Co-Ed. Boarding Pvt. Ltd. School is committed to its motto and has been providing its service since 1993 A.D. The prestige of a nation lies in the hand of the good natives of the country and good education is one of the fundamentals through which a country can produce the dynamic manpower required for the development. A good education can bring prosperity and progress in every aspect of human life. We believe that children learn different lessons from home, school and society. The school is considered to be the secondary place for learning as children learn their primary lessons at home and, thus, they grow up in the environment they are provided with. Here, the point is that the environment children get from their guardians, parents and teachers is the foundation on what they build up their character, the real being of them. Moreover, parents are the only responsible persons on whom the future of children can get proper depend because they are to find out the right place for their children so that they could prosper their life. We are proud to announce here that this educational shrine is the place where children can get proper and homely environment that guardians/parents seek for.
MSS is a co-educational private boarding school affiliated with the HMG Board of Education, Nepal and registered as a private company with an aim to provide quality education and produce skilled and competent manpower to contribute the nation. It supports economically to the government paying the taxes under the laws and rules of the state. Mr. BABU RAM  K.C. and Mrs. Jawala K.C. established MSS in 1993 A.D. supposing the value of education as a part of enlightenment in the memory of Lord Buddha as a source of peace forever. Initially, the school comprised ranging from kindergarten to primary level and has been promoted to Secondary level and proposed to 2 and more so far. It is located in a peaceful and healthy environment. MSS has all those qualities required for a good center for learning since the team of energetic professionals and academicians has still being leaded it. The school is committed to provide the students a homely environment among the experienced and caring teachers as well as loving ayahs so as to influence them and enhance their potential skills through psychological treatment and also enable them to meet their forthcoming challenges.
Mahan Siddhartha Co-educational Pvt. Ltd. Boarding School is located at the heart of Kathmandu city, Chabahil, near the holy temple of Guheswori. It is far enough in a quiet and peaceful place. It is well guarded by a well-built boundary, safe and serene surrounding where our school buildings stand.