Message From Principal

Dear Guardians/Parents and  well-wishers; 
Mahan Siddhartha High School was established in 1993 with a motto of PEACE, CREATION and  WISDOM. As we know, the whole world is developing rapidly into complexity and  every aspect is based on competition, we are here for observing the real needs of this changing world. MSS has been established with an aim to produce such a powerful manpower for global society who could lead our nation to the international forum with a mission to reinstate a peaceful world. We are always expecting the success and  changes in every step, that's why we believe the team, which is possible through the teamwork only. Here, we have more dedicated people what MSS intends to produce. Mahan Siddhartha comprised ranging from Nursery to High School (Plus 2) Level and  more in future. The MSS students have shown a great improvement in their studies as well as other aspects till now. Their involvement in different activities has been highly appreciable and  praiseworthy. Students of all levels have shown excellent performance in the examinations held by examination board of MSS and  other boards as well. We give priority to the interest of every individual student rather than forcing them about what they are taught in the classroom. For that, we have almost all those facilities required for the development of the potentials of the student. We believe on vocational education rather than the general and  we are planning to do this practically in the days onward. We invite you to visit our school and  observe the environment so as to decide whether or not it is appropriate for your children and  your concerns. We are sure that you would like our institution and  encourage us to do the best and  continue our service among us. Through this school, we are still practicing to prepare the energetic and  dynamic students for the Nation and  the global society in order to fulfill their needs.
"PEACE, CREATION and  WISDOM" with Education for "ALL.” So, we would like to encourage you to join hand -in-hand  and  do together with us for the achievement of pioneer excellence in contemporary era of education.

Thank You

Babu Ram K.C. 
MS School