MAHAN SIDDHARTHA HIGH SCHOOL is located in the heart of Kathmandu city in between two religious heritages Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath. Mahan Siddhartha High School, an independent co-educational school is an institution dedicated to impart quality education as well as moral and behavioral purity in students since 2050 B.S. “Peace, Creation and wisdom” is the motto of Mahan Siddhartha. The combination of peace and wisdom enhances knowledge, creativity and intellectual and spiritual development in human beings that may conceive the power to change the world. The prestige of a nation depends upon its honest, responsible and patriot citizen and quality is one of the fundamental requirements which a country can produce the dexterous and qualified manpower for the social, economic and cultural development. We have aimed to be the best alternative destination for the students and their parents in this locality. We assure our respected guardians that we are eager to improve school and the standard of its students in many ways. Till now we are running a secondary school but we have planned and purposed to run 2 classes and college under the same management.

Aims and Objective 
MSS has all those qualities required for a good centre for learning. Our school commits to provide the students a homely environment among the highly experienced and dedicated teachers as well as loving ayahs so as to influence them and enhance their potential skills through psychological treatment and also enable them to meet their forthcoming challenges. Learning is a continuous process throughout our life. But school life is the foundation of learning where learning is possible if a child is mentally ready and the suitable environment is given to the children. We basically focused on children’s overall development. In addition we are active to achieve the following goals set by government.

  • To nurture and develop the personalities and innate abilities of each individual.
  •  To instill respect for human values and the will to safeguard national and social benefits.
  • To enhance social unity.
  •  To help the individual to develop his/her identity in both national and international context and lead a socially harmonious life in modern world.
  •  To aid the modernization of the nation by creating able human resource for its development.
  •  To teach the thoughtful protection and wise use of Nepal’s natural resources.